Switch between video Tracks

We recorded a theater play at the school with 3 cameras. I have now 3 tracks from 3 Cameras. I like to make a movie with the best parts from the different cameras, switching between the the different video tracks. I have the tracks perfectly aligned. Is there a way to tell Shotcut which track should be visible at each time?
I can cut the tracks, and move the best one to a 4th video track, which will be at the top, but that is a bit time consuming, and the tracks will have a lot of cuts.

Is there a better way to do that?

Indeed, a lot of work and a lot of cuts
The way you describe would look like this:

While you’d get the same result by doing this instead:

To show V3, don’t cut anything
To show V2, cut V3
To show V1, cut V3 and V2

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