Swipe down Video Filter

it would be nice that we can have a filter where we can “swipe” down the video in vlogs or something, so for music cuts this would be nice to the normal “cut”.

Yeah, hope someone understands what i mean, my english is very bad.

Your probably looking for a dissolve. Once the dissolve is made, click on the dissolve, go to Properties, then pick which dissolve you want.

A dissolve is the default transition, and the current options in Properties are called “wipes” in English. Here is another good page about defacto standard transitions:

If you want one video to slide down over the other, you can easily do this using multiple video tracks and the Size and Position filter, which has a Slide In From Top preset.

If you want the current video to slide down to show the next video underneath, arrange the clps like the following and use the Slide Out Bottom preset.

Lastly, if you want to make a push transition combine the two previous replies. I added onto the Slide Out Bottom example above a Slide In From Top preset on the next video clip: