SVG - CSS not working on SC using vivus instant

HI there,

I am new user of Shotcut but has been following how to use CSS generator topic for a while.
I am trying to convert a logo in SVG to animation using Vivus Instant online tool to convert to CSS (with both keyframes and animation data). I have been using SC successfully for HTML overlay on various topics that I learn from tutorial and thread led by Elusien … below

At the moment I am stuck with this SVG animator generated from Vivus Instant tool … even though I believe I got all the “key frames” and “animated parts” done accordingly. It works on Chrome after my conversion but just does not seems to work in SC.

If only I know how to attached my html and get some advise where did I go wrong would be really great.

Put the html in a zip file and drop it on the reply box or use
the upload button.


Hi Sauron,
Thanks for responding …
Sorry was busy at work … here’s my zip file …
The animation works fine (yellow outline drawing around the black logo)logo (29.0 KB) if launch on Chrome after conversion.
But putting in Shotcut … only a black logo appears with no animation at all.

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