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IIRC is Shotcut max using 4 cores <yes?>…
Is there any planning (next year, next few years), that Shotcut will support more than 4 cores?
I’m asking, because I’m planning to upgrade my computer, also with a new CPU. And there is for me the question, if it is good enough to have 6 cores (e.g. AMD Ryzen 5 3600), or should I plan for e.g. 8 cores, or maybe more.

BTW Real Time Playback not checked:
Is it really faster now in the current version of Shotcut? To me, it seems so…

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I’m surprised no one has replied to your question yet. And I am not the most qualified to reply but will try. My understanding is that the limit you are inquiring about is not a limitation of Shotcut but a limitation of the codecs used for processing your video. You would likely run into these limitations with any other video editor using the same core technologies such as Kdenlive. I have a 4 core Ryzen 3 1200 and for what I do all four cores are utilized. I built the machine 2 years ago to make use of the current multithreading capabilities at the most reasonable price. Since then a multitude of multicore/multithreaded processors have been released but it is unknown to me whether the codecs have been upgraded to make use of them. Perhaps some others with lots of cores and threads will fill us in.


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makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Read the FAQ. As a whole, Shotcut is not limited to four cores. Only a certain part. There are plans to improve performance and use more.

Oh good! My next build will have more cores then :grinning:

Moar Coars!

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