Support of 360 Cams and Videos

Will be there soon 360 Videos and photos be supported? I bought a Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 Cam And i did try to get somehow a worksflow with shortcut. It seems not to work. I did try with stiched Videos and with unstiched and also pictures but seems not to work. Will be there a support until next spring? I would not like to go for a change of my workflow and buy extra a other software like AP just for use it sometimes. Processor is just i3 and 4 GB ram and most programs will not work until i did not upgrade first the hardware and so shortcut is a little hope for basic work just.

I cut now2 360 videos together and do inject after the cuting with the spatial metadata injector inject. But the results are a zoom in feature i would not like to have. Any ideas?

is there a timeline?