Support for 4K XAVC-S + HLG?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for making this software available for free! Quick question: does Shortcut support Sony 4K XAVC-S + HLG? And does it output XAVC-S as well? I’ve looked around and didn’t anything, someone else also sked if it can edit XAVC Long and got no responses.

Thanks in advance!

XAVC and XAVC-S should be yes, but not HLG as that is HDR, and Shotcut does not yet support HDR. I have not actually tested XAVC. You should and tell us, after all, it is free for you to try it. It is not like you need to ask pre-sales questions. :wink:

Thank you very much!

How would you use HLG? What camera would you use to shoot it and what monitor would you use to view it?

If you post a HLG video on YouTube, what if the viewer isn’t watching on a HLG monitor?

I suppose you could use HLG or PQ in a theatrical environment where there is one projector/display that is HDR.

I found this:

I have started to compile some HLG data here:

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