Support for 32-bit float audio files?

I just bought a RODE Wireless Pro mic transmitter/receiver kit.
Watching one of the tutorials on the Rode site, it talks about how some video editors do and some don’t support the 32-bit float audio files.

Does Shotcut support it?

Probably. But We would need more information about the format to know for sure. Shotcut is free. Why do t you try it and see?

Shotcut supports 32-bit float. Whether Rode writes 32-bit files in a standard format is a separate question I can’t answer.


I’m already using Shotcut.
Just wasn’t sure how I would see if it was being supported.

I’ve been practicing with the gain/volume filter to raise or lower the signal on clips that are too loud or too quiet.
But I don’t know how to use the 32-bit float option and i can’t find any Shotcut tutorials related to it on YouTube.

There isn’t one; it is not needed; it happens automatically internally.

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