Superposition of two different videos


i would like to know which is the best solution for :slight_smile:

i’m using two different video tracks and i want to be able to superpose them . So we can see both at the same time but with a different brightness so that i can make interesting effect ! and then being able to use automation for giving a movement effect too on the brightness of the videos so i can switch from one to the other with automation ?

thank you


Est ce que vous voulez faire cela ?


Do you want to do that?

j’utilise 2 pistes et les filtres masque ainsi que taille et positions

voici le mlt supperpostion piste.mlt (11.9 KB)

le fichier source

bonjour et merci pour votre reponse

mon souhait serait de pouvoir superposer deux pistes video et pouvoir ensuite regler l’intensite de l’une d’entre elle afin d’avoir une video “maitre” et la seconde video en fond .mais les deux lues en meme temps ?

Mes clips sont juxtaposés mais c’est la même technique pour la superposition

reprends mon mlt essayes de régler les filtres de manières différentes, et tu devrais arriver à faire ce que tu veux.

My clips are juxtaposed but it’s the same technique for the overlay

take my mlt try to adjust the filters in different ways, and you should get to do what you want

Used 2 tracks for this.
The upper track has an opacity filter and a blend mode filter set to overlay. The lower track has brightness and contrast filters.

The amount of superimposition is controlled by key framing the opacity filter on the upper track. The brightness on the lower track is key framed as well. The blend mode filter is optional. It just makes the images look a bit better.

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Thank you so much it’s looking great !
I will try now :slight_smile:
Is it possible to use automation in the time line for the filter sliders ?

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Merci beaucoup, je vais tester cette option.

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Here’s the project and images used. You can look at the filters and the key frames used. (1.5 MB)

Thank you for your project it helps me . But i have one more question , how can i see the automation curves that made the different sliders moving ?

Thank you

Select the clip on the timeline. In the filters panel select the filter. The key frames panel will show the key frames and the curves. Not all filters have curves to display.



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