Superposition de vidéos - disparition

Lorsque j’ajoute des pistes vidéo, puis que je “crop”, et redimensionne et repositionne, j’ai des comportements que je ne comprends pas. Parfois les vidéos s’affichent bien côte à côte, parfois une video masque toutes les autres.
J’ai pu résoudre le problème au début en supprimant puis annulant la suppression d’une piste.
Présentement je suis bloqué, et j’aimerais bien ne pas repartir de zero (je dois aligner toutes les vidéos sur une piste audio).
Avez-vous une idée?

Please write your request for help in English (this forum is in English). :blush:
This will exponentially increase the chances that a volunteer will help you.
On the other hand, we need more specific information.
For example: is the behavior you are referring to different from other versions of Shotcut or are you just starting with Shotcut and don’t understand how it works?
If that’s the case, there are resources I can point out to you.
If it’s a technical problem or a bug, other information would be useful:
-Operating System
-Shotcut version
-Processing power (processor-Ram)
-Screenshots or short videos showing the problem.

Thank you @ejmillan!
I did believe some french users did post on this forum.
I found what I searched from!
When I add many video tracks, the crop filter hive previous video tracks. I need to check “transparency”, for seeing the other tracks.

Hi: I’m glad you found a solution.
My native language is not English, but I make the extra effort to communicate here. I know that many will ignore inquiries made in a language other than English.
Yes, there are very participative and cool users who speak French, that’s great. :grinning:

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