Superimposing my face on a moving object

Hello I have a video with a person in it and I would like to just superimpose my own face on the video.

Is there a quick way of doing this?


You can use the mask simple shape filter to superimpose. Use the size and position filter with key frames to keep the face superimposed. It is not easy and requires patience and some work to get it done.

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Since shotcut does not have a tracker yet, the only way to do it is as @sauron described.

Depending on how much movement there is in the video, you may have to set a keyframe for every frame or every couple of frames.
Considering that your video has either 25 or 30fps and depending on the length of the clip you want to modify, much patience will be required on your part, but it is do-able.

The tracking would be a welcome feature.
I would use to pixelate faces in certain videos.

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