Superimposing audio and video

Let an audio track and a video track exist in a project. I want the inverse of “Detach Audio”. That is, merge an unrelated audio track into the video track.

The real problem is that “Audio Dance Visualisation” does not provide an option for what layer to capture audio from. Apparently, it only does from the same video the effect is applied to.

What about putting the audio dance filter on the Output track?

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Hi @xsbee , simply drag the audio track onto the video and they will merge together.

Apparently, that turns the video to black.

Oops, sorry for giving incorrect information if that’s the case. I guess then you would have to mute the original audio, place the unrelated audio clip on an audio track, export this as an Mp4, then re-import that in a new project then apply the Audio Dance filter to that.

Delete (Lift) the audio clip, select the video clip, and change Properties > Audio > Track.

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