Super8 film 18 fps converted to video PAL 25 fps

i have a super8 film converted in Germany to a 4K video at 25fps. the problem is the super8 film has been
filmed at 18fps, but in Germany the conversion has been made as if it was filmed at 24 fps. the result is now
playing with too high speed.
is there a way to convert the PAL video, correcting the playing speed to same as filmed in 18fps, without changing the videos PAL 25fps ?
is it possible to get your feedback to my e-mail address
thanks so much in advance.


  1. Open the source video (the 25 fps one, made from the S8 film) in Shotcut.
  2. Put it into the Timeline.
  3. Select it (click on it).
  4. Go to the Properties panel and set it’s speed to DestinationFPS/SourceFPS, that is in your case is 18/25, so You should set the speed to 0.72x (18/25==0.72).
  5. Export to a new file.
    That’s all. :slight_smile:

I don’t know any solution to this without reencoding the video. I’ve searched the net for ffmpeg command line solution…


hi there
thanks for quick reply, i appreciate.
a question, as i am not very familiar with frame rate modifications…
if this configuration destination fps/sourcefps is set to 18/25, will the resulting reencoded video still
be at 25 fps as per PAL standard?
thanks in advance.


Yes, the exported video file will be 25 fps (unless you change it in the export settings), but will be slowen down to the normal speed of the Super8 18fps. :slight_smile:


BTW if You are familiar with the command line, then You can simply use ffmpeg to do this conversion/reencoding.

thanks for your super quick feedback! well i used ffmpeg in the past for DVD’s.
but is it possible to use ffmpeg for my purpose: the actual file is a HD4K file *.mp4…
that would be great if that would work…

There is a similar conversation in this thread:

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I wrote exactly the same solution in my first comment above here… :wink: :slight_smile:

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