Super realistic aged VHS look

This is my attempt at making a realistic old VHS cassette look. It was done by using 2 layers. The bottom layer is completely desaturated and has the glitch filter with these settings.

The rgb shift is just to add a bit to it but it does not do much since the track is desaturated.

The top track is the exact same clip as the bottom track but it has blur, opacity set to low and the saturation high. There is a size and position filter to move it a bit to the right to make it look like the colour is bleeding a bit to the right like on an old VHS.

Screenshots of everything:
Bottom layer —

Top layer —

(and yes I had to use pewdiepie as a test clip)
Constrictive criticism appreciated.


Nice one @scellycraftyt
I would add a few things, just a bit of “Mosaic” to pixelize the video, add a touch of noise and a bit of blur.

There was also a filter that simulates loss of synch, not sure if it made it into the last update.
Applying that filter every now and again would also add to the realism.
Oh, and when you apply the loss of synch filter, momentarily ditch all the colour.

I remember you were working in it. Did you post it to the forum?

Good work, @scellycraftyt. I used the Glitch effect when it was being tested here to see if it can mimic a VHS rewind effect. Here was my attempt:

Last time you said that you were still working on it. Did you get to finish it? :grinning:

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Nice, @scellycraftyt. Thanks for posting and for the screenshots of how you did it. I agree with @paul2, maybe a touch of noise. The underlying video is too “perfect” for VHS. I’m old enough to remember just how imperfect VHS picture quality was!!:grinning:
@drm, enjoyed watching your demo again.

Thanks for sharing that rewind button animation with me. :slight_smile:

No problem! Adds a lot to the demo. Like the mouseclick noises too.

Oops, completely forgot about it.
Will look into again.

BTW, a bit off-topic but related to VCR footage:

Good idea! I’ll try that and see how it looks.

well I’m only 14 but I have experience with very worn out VHS tapes. I’ll try again with those ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

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