Sup, how do I split the screen evenly between 3 clips

So i have 3 videos running at once, but I want to crop/size them so that each takes exactly a 1/3rd of the screen, split horizontally (with vertical lines between them, as in: “1|2|3”)

How do u do that?


Hi @Lightzy
Download, use and study this project file:
3-split-screen.mlt (13.5 KB)



The order of the filters is important.

The Text filter on each clip is obviously not important, you’ll replace the 3 colored clips with your own video clips.

The Size, Position & Rotate filter on each clip is used to center you subject inside the cropped area.

The Crop filter on each clip is used to crop 2/3 of the clip and position the remaining 1/3 on the screen. Don’t forget to click the Transparent button.

The white clip on track V1 sets the color of the vertical lines between each clip. Select the white clip and go to the Properties panel to edit the color.

There are probably many other ways of doing this. But I think this is the simplest one.


Here’s a really nice video explaining how you can do split screens:

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