Suggestions For New 2 New Audio Presets & Updating The ProRes Preset

I think it would be worth it to add two presets in the Audio category in Export. One for ALAC and the another for FLAC.

FLAC I think goes without saying why should it be included as it’s so commonly known already.

ALAC is the codec that is used in iTunes and other music apps so I think it is important enough to include.

As for ProRes: Currently, the ProRes preset in the Intermediate list uses vprofile=2 which is from what I understand ProRes 422. However, I believe ProRes 422 is not visually lossless. ProRes 422 HQ is. So as an intermediate shouldn’t the preset be updated to be ProRes 422 HQ which is vprofile=3?

Regarding ProRes, it kinda depends on the design goal of the preset. If an export is a one-and-done type of thing, then ProRes 422 is widely considered sufficient for delivery. But if the resulting ProRes file is going to be brought back into an editor for more work and undergo multiple generations of transcoding, then HQ is the right choice.

Personally, I would be cool with the HQ option because I only use ProRes in an editing workflow, not for delivery, so an HQ preset would fit my most common use case. But if the preset is left as-is, I can see the use case there too. The question is whether it’s most common to use ProRes for generating an intermediate or generating a final delivery.

The current ProRes preset is in the Intermediate category. If that’s the case, then it should be ProRes 422 HQ. For delivery purposes like you talked about, then perhaps a preset for ProRes 422 should be made to be placed in the Stock category.

Excellent point.

FLAC is available through the advanced exports, but since shotcut isn’t for audio editing I’m not sure why you’d want to use it to export a FLAC often enough to make it a preset.

Everything is available in advanced.

There is an entire audio category in Export.

I know it’s there, but I’m trying to figure out the usecase, you wouldn’t make the original audio in shotcut you’d be more likely to pull a FLAC in out of audacity or similar.

Well, since AAC and MP3 are there, it wouldn’t be out of place. But those are lossy and since FLAC is meant for archival purposes it would make sense to include an archival codec preset in the audio category.