Suggestion: Improved Clip Fade Management

As known, when two clips are merged in the timeline, they create a fade, this is fine, the issues occur with managing the fade once it has been created (mainly adjusting the length and removing it).

Suggestion: Ability to drag the faded clips apart, removing the fade, restoring them to how they were before they were merged, or altering the length of the fade efficiently, here’s how that would work:

  • Making a Fade Longer: drag (push) one clip into the other.
  • Making a Fade Shorter: drag (pull) one clip out of the other.
  • Removing a Fade: drag (pull) one clip completely out of the other.

As seen in the screenshot, currently, if you drag two faded clips apart you are left with this awkward faded section that isn’t much good by itself and can be a needlessly lengthy process to remove/restore the clips to how they were, but this feature would remedy this.

I think this suggestion would improve the overall clip fade feature of Shotcut and would allow the editor to easily manipulate fades, especially if they are too far along to “Undo” the fade.

If anything is unclear, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you, thanks for reading!


Completely agree - this would be the natural way to work :slight_smile:
Not sure, if it can be done in SC easily, cause i think it works in a different way.
If you click “undo” right away, it works as expected but if you decide later to change the fade it doesn’t work like that. Would be great if it can be done :slight_smile:

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When I first started with Shotcut, because it did not act as is being suggested, I almost gave up on Shotcut. Too many ruined projects.
Then I discovered how to do what I needed with multiple tracks and the FadeInVideo/FadeOutVideo filters, and it has been “Happy, happy, joy, joy” ever since.

It has been only recently, after years of multi-track crossfades, that I have begun a sparing use of drag-over transitions.


You can use trimming today.

Sure, thought I would suggest this feature for future development prospects.

When I pull one clip out of the other, it simply disconnects from the transition.
The transition sits there unchanged.


But that is not why I am responding.

I found that I can trim the transition by grabbing the left-hand side (or was it upper left corner?) and dragging it.

I can even get rid of the transition that way, by dragging it to nothing.

Or not…

The transition is still there, invisible.

Maybe I have found the source of the mystery one-frame “blanks”.
(Or maybe not)

I include here the MLT for inspection.

I also think this should run natively as i dont see any reason this will make combining videos more hassle

It is working for me. Of course, you can also make a one frame transition by doing this. Your MLT XML file does not have a single frame transition.

I was not implying that this was an example of “not working”.

I was only noting a curiosity, that it becomes invisible, which could easily lead to the invisible transition being left behind, and thus the source, perhaps, of the “blank” files that people have been “unable to reproduce” on some previous threads.

@kagsundaram, I just ran it through my “MLT Analyzer” (, which detects “blank” producers (and chains) in an MLT file, but it didn’t detect any in yours.

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