Suggestion for New Feature: Video Background Removal in ShotCut

Dear ShotCut Community,

I’ve been a dedicated user of ShotCut for a considerable amount of time, and I have always appreciated the impressive features and functionality that the software offers for video editing. However, I believe that the addition of a new feature could significantly enhance the usability and appeal of the software, and I’m excited to share this suggestion with the community.

I would like to propose the inclusion of a tool or function within ShotCut that allows users to easily remove the background from a video directly within the timeline. This feature would be incredibly valuable for content creators, videographers, and editors who frequently work with green screen footage or want to isolate subjects within their videos.

The ability to remove backgrounds from videos is becoming increasingly important in the digital content creation landscape, and I believe that integrating this capability into ShotCut would be a game-changer. Not only would it streamline the editing process, but it would also elevate the overall quality and professional appearance of videos created using the software.

I envision this feature as a tool that enables users to seamlessly remove backgrounds from their video clips without the need for external software or complex workarounds. By incorporating this functionality into ShotCut, the software would become an even more comprehensive solution for all video editing needs.

I understand that implementing new features requires time and resources, but I am confident that this addition would significantly benefit the entire ShotCut community. I believe that it would not only attract new users but also retain existing ones by offering an all-in-one solution for their video editing requirements.

I invite the community to share their thoughts on this suggestion and welcome any insights or updates from the ShotCut development team regarding the possibility of integrating this feature in future updates.

Thank you all for considering this proposal, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Sincerely, Md. Ziaur Rahman

This is on the roadmap.