Suggestion for consistency of text in stock designs

The new stock designs for the reorganization of the different modules are very practical.:heart_eyes:
I would like to make a suggestion for the translation (since I didn’t know how to do it at Trasifex):pensive:
The Loggin design in Spanish can be a verb (e.g., inscribe, note, point) or as a masculine name (protocol-event)
In this case, the translation chosen was the male name (Registro).:white_check_mark:
However, for the design Editing, there is a verb in Spanish, (Editando) :stop_sign:
My suggestion is that in order to maintain consistency (at least in Spanish), the Editing translation should be “Editor” (male name)
FX is a name, Color is a name, Audio is a name and Player is a name.
I know it’s a silly thing to do, but I thought I’d make the suggestion.