Suggestion: Filter crop/size&position

I have an idea… I don’t know if it is possible, but maybe. :slight_smile:
So… We can use filters on video layers (or tracks). But filters put effect on the whole picture/screen of the video.
What about a setting in filters’ properties to make it/them apply only on a part of the picture/screen?

Example… I put a brightness filter on an 1920x1080px video, but I want to adjust the brightness only 640x360px part of it in position from 1000;200 (upper left).
OR maybe I want the filter to apply in an oval/circle, which center is at 960;540 and R1=360px, R2=480px

AND maybe these can have a feather (not a sharp edge) also?

Am I understandable? :slight_smile:

You could try using the technique shown in this tutorial video, it should work for what you want:

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That’s fine. But… I don’t have those “compositing” controls on tracks… also don’t have them after adding the Mask (or any) filter…
version 18.10.08. :o ???

That toggle was removed in version 18.09.13, and can now be found on v2 or higher tracks in the track Properties as “Blend mode”. To subtract, select the “exclusion” option.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

But that needs two tracks with the same video source.
What I suggest is to be able to set the filter(s) to be “croped” or better say masked, so only one video track would be needed to do this. :slight_smile:

Yes, this does involve two video tracks. However, this accomplishes what you’re looking for with existing filters.
Furthermore, this is done without adding complexity to multiple filters unnecessarily.

It is planned

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Great! :slight_smile:
… And now a plus idea came to my mind for this… I don’t know which is easier… but.
Maybe an ability to group filters and apply the “mask” on the group, so only one instance of that “mask” would be needed instead of many (for all the filters that one want to mask).

The plan is to change Mask into one of a few different ways to start masking all following filters:
Mask: Simple (same as today)
Mask: Rotoscope
Mask: File Alpha (later)
Mask: File Luma (later)
Any filters before these will not be masked. Then, there will be another filter Mask: Apply. Any filters in between will be masked. However, I want to figure out a way to automatically apply in case the user forgets it or simply for convenience. I have been thinking about this for a while, and I hope to include it with v18.12 since masking today is often misunderstood and frequently questioned.

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