Suggestion Discussion - What effects do you wish to see sometime?

Good day, my name is KickUp HammyDude, it is a pleasure to meet you all.

I’ve had some memories playing around with this application when it comes to editing videos and grew fond of it for at least being my best free alternative against every other freemuim video editor.

I always wanted to test the limits of what it can do. Specifically when it comes to the special effects, visual audio and timers. When I first tried it out I was a bit sad there weren’t any dynamic effects. Effects like blur directional transitions, shake/earthquake effects, voice effects like vibrato, distortion and other fun stuff like that. After a while I sort of forgot about it.

Now that I have a personal laptop, I thought about revisiting it. To my sadness, it still lacks in special effects…
The best that I can do when it comes to shake effects is adjusting the Old Film: Projector effect so it can only have the vertical shake, for a fun jitter effect. I am aware of the Shake 1 Second Scale prompt in Size Scale and Position effects but I find it tedious and complicated to get the intense shaking I want for example.

So I want to know in general. What more dynamic special effects do you guys want to see in the future? I want this to be a fun, wishful thinking kind of discussion as my first post. Feel free to share!

I was able to make a shake preset, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on any of the other systems I used. Don’t know why it does that, strange behavior.

Maybe I will try again.

I’d love more of the dynamic filters as well as a bit of ambience filters like morning evening snowing etc.

How did you do it though! I want to try! Can you share the preset?

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I would like to share, but now I don’t have it, I think onedrive didn’t back it up.

I changed my OS and PC to a macbook some weeks ago, I was able to get all of my files on it except some after effects files and some preset that I made.

I can tell you how to do it, first I created tracking plane by painting and marking a cardboard, then I simply recorded it with my smartphone (thankfully the magsafe worked at that time, I was just in tention how would I charge a iphone 13 with a lightning adapter), than I got it in after effects and let it track and then I applied the motion to a plane in it. I exported the plane, and then I imported the video in shotcut, now I did the hand matching of that plane to the plane in shotcut, it would take a lot of time to be perfect.

This sounds pretty complicated for me. Hey how would I know sometime when you have that special effect restored. Can I subscribe or something?

The shake preset is just a set of predefined Keyframes. You can make your own preset to define what you want to accomplish.

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No need to do that. I will post it on this thread and mention you when it’s restored.

And as Hudson said, it’s pretty possible by creating the keyframes on your own, just get some time.

Edit:- I tried to restore all those files, but unfortunately my nephew has overwritten those places, so now I don’t have those files. You now can create them yourself only, because I have no plans of creating tutorials or presets now. There are lot of works that I need to do, plus packing for a trip.

To be honest: the more serious you get about video editing the less effects you would need :wink:
As a beginner you tend to try every filter and likely overdo things with lots of ‘special effects’.
After a while this gets more and more boring. If the filters/effects really fit to the story - thats fantastic and might work in some cases. In general you hardly need more than a few transitions, split screen, masking and animations with keyframes. You can find everything in Shotcut :slight_smile:

If you want more complex SFX you would go fo 3d rendering and animation tools, like 3d max, blender, cinema4d, maya and many other. For each there are plugins for explosions, particles, flow dynamics like water and fire/smoke and what ever you like.


That’s true. At least when you edit your own videos. But when you edit for someone else, sometimes they want those spectacular special FX. I often edit videos for my family or friends. And friends of family or friends of friends. The request in the last one I did was to make an ice fishing trip look less boring than it actually was. Hours of footage compressed in an action packed 20 minutes video. Sudden zooms, pans, b-rolls, still inserts etc…