Suggestion - copy/paste only selected filters

I’d like to make a suggestion for a “copy/paste only selected filters” feature. Sometimes copying all filters is undesirable, and always when copying filters from a text clip to another the actual text gets copied as well, meaning you have to delete that filter individually from the list.

Often I just want to copy just the fade in/out filters, or maybe just the Size and Position.

My visualisation is that you could right -click “copy filters” and have option for “Copy all” or “Copy selected” and if that was selected you’d have a dropdown box of applied filters to tick.


A workaround I often use when in this situation:

  • Create a blank clip somewhere in the Timeline (Open Other => Color).
  • Copy the filters from the donor clip.
  • Paste to the blank clip.
  • Remove the unwanted filter(s)
  • Copy the remaining filters and paste everywhere it’s needed.

Maybe it’s not necessary, but to avoid eventual problems (depends on the filters), I try to make the blank clip at least as long as the clip I’m copying from.

You probably do something similar, Jonray, but I mention it just in case it might be useful to someone out there :wink:

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It WAS useful to someone out there. ME!!. :grinning: Thank you @MusicalBox! I think that was suggested here some time ago but I’d forgotten about it. Great workaround!

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Great ! I’m glad it was helpful to you @jonray

Simple, mais encore fallait-il y penser

Simple, but we still had to think about it

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I was reminded of this thread while working on a project and I realized that my workaround is only useful is some cases. When you plan to reuse the filters on many occasions in your work for example. If you only need to copy/paste specific filters from a clip once, you don’t save time at all using that method. Your suggestion of a “copy/paste selected filters” feature would be much more useful @jonray.

But maybe there is a simpler way this feature could work. You suggested this:

What if the “Copy filters” button only copied the active filters ? You’d only have to untick the filter(s) you don’t need.

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