Suggestion - add an opacity slider to text:simple and text:rich filters

The more I think about @musicalbox’s suggestion (in another thread) about adding a dedicated keyframable opacity slider to the text:simple and text:rich filters, the more I can see huge artistic potential for creating interesting video title templates using the new “filter-sets” feature.

I tend to make a lot of titles for my videos in which lines of text fade in individually, as in this demo:

The problem is that they all use multiple tracks.
If the text filters had keyframeable opacity sliders, I could get each video title one one track, with multiple filters (as opposed to multiple TRACKS. Then I could save the filters as a filter set, and use the filter set as a template for further projects, simple by creating a transparent clip and applying the relevant filter set.

Also, other creative folk here could create new designs and share their filter-sets. I can see huge artistic potential.

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We actually should make the color parameters keyframable (color includes the alpha component for opacity). There were recent improvements to color animation/interpolation in the engine to make this possible. This would work for all colors in Text: Simple individually, but only the Background color in Text: Rich since the rich text is not keyframable.


Sounds good. But what would happen if you say keyframed from transparent to yellow? Would you see, say a blue colour in between? (I’m just guessing at the actual colours but I hope you can understand what I’m trying to ask…)

If I understand your question correctly @jonray, I don’t think it will be an issue.
If on the first keyframe color=yellow, alpha=0 and on the next keyframe color=yellow alpha=255, the color will stay yellow, only the transparency will change.

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You interpreted my (poorly articulated) question exactly! Thanks. I was just wondering if going from one colour to another it may involve other colours, similarly to if you move around on the colour grading filter:

… but now I think about it, my question seems a little dumb … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so yay, being able to vary transparency of the text colour would be quite a game-changer for me. Excited! :wink: :grin:

That’s a good question @jonray. It made me put on my lab coat and do some experiments.
(No color-clips were harmed while filming these tests)

I tried 4 methods of fading between two colors.
I used yellow (#FFFF00) and blue (#0000FF)

Test #1: Color Grading filter with keyframes.
Test #2: Transition between 2 clips.
Test #3: Opacity filter with keyframes.
Test #4: Fade-In filter.

All methods produced pretty much the same results as you can see.
The Color Grading transition is a bit choppy compared with the 3 others maybe?


So I guess that it’s safe to assume that adding keyframes to Colors will most likely look the same as in these tests.

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