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Hello guys, I want to start a youtube channel, and I am completely new to this YouTube field like I know little about editing (not a pro) and I want some suggestions and some good youtube tools.

Hey, you have 2 choices: mobile app editor(super easy to use with many build-in preset effect, but your capability is limited), and Shotcut if you like work on PC and need to add more customization to your video.

1(easy to use) to 10 (difficult, take years to learn to use), Shotcut scores at ~3, it requires a first time editor ~4 hours to master, give or take.

The capability scores at ~6. It is the most powerful tool among all the open-source editors (trust me I tested them all), convert, cut, transition, dozens of filters including color grading, chroma key, 3D-lut, html text, it has got everything an amateur youtuber ever needed and more.

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I recommend you read the following thread: Why use ShotCut versus other video editors?
Many long-time user have weighed in and this should be more than enough to get a basic idea.
If you just search for a free option that adds a lot more options than Shotcut can provide, you could consider DaVinci Resolve. But it is not intuitive at all and I unistalled it quite quickly, since I realised that I do not need all of the options.
And if you really put effort into the learning Shotcut you can add a lot of options. As explained in the thread linked above, there are for example the GL transitions and the powerful WebVfx framework, which enables you to use HTML and CSS for effects. You will find tutorials and use cases by various users, especially helpful are the ones created by @jonray.
@KKnBB added some interesting pointers. Even though, mastering Shotcut in such a short time frame is rather improbable. If you have prior experience, you will be able to master the basics in this time frame. (If you meant that, KKnBB, I agree with your assessment :slightly_smiling_face:.)

Based on this scale, Probably, I should go with Shotcut. :grin:

And, I am starting a channel, where I will stand in front of camera and will keep talking.

Thanks for your help man.

Thank you too, I am trying to learn shotcut.

For tutorials I would highly recommend watching Mr. Eko’s 3 part complete beginner tutorial here, here and here. :slight_smile:

You also asked about YouTube tools… once you have got to grips with Shotcut, you may also be interested in some of these tips and tricks when it comes to creating videos for YouTube:

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