Sugestion: Audio Synchronization - Extend the limits

Hi there.

It is possible to manually synchronize the audio in a video, by selecting the video and changing the sync in “Properties -> Audio -> Sync”.

However, the values are limited between -1000 ms and +1000 ms (-1 second and +1 second).

It would be great if you guys could extend these limits. Sometimes the audio channel is not correctly synchronized, and 1 second is just not enough to correct it.


If the one second max isn’t enough, you could export audio channel only then import it into the playlist, create a new audio track (Ctrl+U) and add it. Unlock snapping, then manually sync by dragging.


It worked, though a bit more laborious…

Maybe it’s still a good idea to extend the limits.

Anyway, thank you.

A slight exaggeration of the effort actually required :smiley:
But yes, an extra step for sure.

I agree with the delay being a bit too short, but, instead of exporting/importing the audio, you can mute the audio, create a new audio track, then drag the video clip onto it and adjust its position on the timeline. Not sure it significantly exaggerates the effort, compared to the time needed by an accurate evaluation of the audio offset…