Suddenly viewer window went white

Must have inadvertently hit a key…
Suddenly my viewer screen went white.
I still have timeline and audio - but not viewable.

Ughhh … thanks in advance.


Restart Shotcut. If not resolved, reboot. If not resolved, show a screenshot. Otherwise

Also, is it a problem specific to this project? Or, is it still a problem if you start over and open media?

Specific to this project.
I had copied and pasted a clip from vid track1 to track2. Added text to track2. Noticed needed a space between words… and (not thinking) placed cursor between the words I wanted to add space. Clicked space bar – screen went white.

Now - timeline shows as it should. Audio plays fine… but no video appears in this whited-out screen.
Interestingly - if I drag a clip into the screen from play list … the timeline will play as normal. Thought the glitch had been fixed… but can’t add text… the text frame (no text or timecode) appears in this white screen but can’t do anything with it.

The MASTER channel Alpha view has been triggered on screen. I don’t know how it got there or even what it is :(…

Screen shot here —

Make sure the Master is selected like you have shown, then click the - sign, or untick the box on the filter.

Thank you. Perfect result.


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