Subtitles shifted by ~1 second

Added sound track today to video I’ve been editing. For some reason, the subtitles I’d inserted previously are now all lagging by about 1 sec from some point until the end of the video. Is there a quick fix to shift all subtitles back to place rather than manually shift each text box?

Certainement, mais comme on ne sait pas comment et où vous avez ajouté la piste sonore et que vous ne nous avez pas fourni de capture d’écran, nous aurons des difficultés pour vous aider.

Certainly, but since we don’t know how and where you added the soundtrack and you didn’t provide us with a screenshot, we will have trouble helping you.

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Turn on ripple mode on the timeline toolbar and drag the first text clip left. image
It will pull all of the following clips on the same track along with it.

Do NOT turn on the ripple ALL tracks button. image


Thanks mate, you just saved me ~2 hours of senseless work

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