Subtitle's Fade In or Out

I couldn’t see the subtitles well, so I set the subtitle outline to 30.

But it’s awkward when it fades in.
It’s the same when it fades out.
What should I do?
Why outline does not fade in?

In the fade filter set the “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”

Did you tick the Adjust Opacity box in the fad filters?

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It Works!!! Thx I love you :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Really Thx !!

In the next version 21.09, this is done automatically when you add fades on the timeline directly on a track above V1.


YESSS!! Great additional feature, @shotcut. It will save me a heap of time! Thank you.

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Me too!

Yea! I noticed another great feature coming up (on Github) - Great work, @shotcut!:
shotcut copy only enabled filters


With any luck, this new version will arrive just in time for my birthday :birthday:
How thoughtful :star_struck:

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