Subtitle support?


I need to cut together several videos which feature subtitles.
These are not hardsubs (subtitles burned into the image), just embedded in the MKVs, and I need to keep it that way.

Can shotcut do this?
I’m not necessarily asking for a tutorial, just whether the software is capable of it at all before I spend hours learning the ropes.

Not now. But it is possible to create subtitles by using the text tool, there is no specific feature for subtitles.

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Recreating the subtitles in an external tool is exactly the thing I want to avoid, it’d take me hours. Guess I’ll look elsewhere.

Thanks for answering.

It is on the road map though, so even if it’s impossible to say when, it will happen some time in the future.


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I don’t know the what, where, how about your video, but I can say only one thing, take the help of @Elusien subrip generator (link down below):-

I just need to cut together some anime fansubs, for a compilation of sorts, that’s all. Recreating the subs manually is out of the question as I’d be manually typing in hours of subtitles in that case.

Is there a way to export from Shotcut an xml or json file or some such that will just list the clips in the timeline and which source file at what time they came from? If I can have that, I think I can bash together a solution for the subs with Python.

That’s a lot of geeky stuff for the normal Rick Astley (me), I need to change to the Geeky Astley (Also me). Let me show my power:-

Muahaha!! Geeky Astley here, if I see your question, then my answer is that I have not yet tried it, but as to my knowledge it can, because the mlt file is a xml which can be edited.
I don’t know of it links to the timeline and the blah… Blah… Because I have not tried it.
I can’t be geeky astley for more than 5 minutes, now I need to turn back to Rick astley.

Heya! my friend, I think he helped you.

Shotcut can extract the sections you want to use and keep the subtitles in the mkv synced. When you bring your videos into Shotcut, split the sections you want to use then go to Properties’ panel for each split section and in the hamburger menu right next to the Proxy button pick Extract Sub-Clip:

That will pull out that section and leave all the video, audio and subtitle tracks intact and in sync. That will help you keep track of the subtitled parts relevant to your edit.

However, you would have to use a subtitle program afterward to shift those subtitle sections to be synced to your final edit which isn’t hard at all if you used subtitled programs before. Then after you produce that subtitle file use a program like MKVToolNix to mux your final subtitle file to an mkv file of your edit from Shotcut.

One thing to keep in mind when using Extract Sub-Clip: Extracting clips starting from a frame that is outside the keyframes of a video can produce a file where the first few seconds are corrupted but the rest of the video is fine. I suggest two possible options to avoid this: A) Start the in point of the extract some seconds before what you actually want that way if it is corrupted at the start it won’t matter because the part you actually want comes later and it will be usable. B) Or you can use another free and open source program like Lossless Cut that does the exact same thing as Extract Sub-Clip in Shotcut but with the additional ability of picking the exact keyframes to extract from to avoid the first few seconds being corrupted.


Currently you can only add text subtitles to videos manually, perhaps you can look for other plugins that add subtitles automatically.

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