Subtitle editing

I posted this at the bottom of another Q but no one addressed it:

I will be using subtitles with comments throughout my video. But I will not know what font color I want to use until I get this background color stuff figured out. Can I universally “apply to all” subtitles if I want to change the color or font or text or size? Or do I need to decided that before adding more subtitles, so I don’t have to change 30 subtitles every time I want to make a change to all of them?

Hi @Spoon

I’m afraid that for the font and size you wont be able to change them in bulk. You have to decide this in advance.

But there is a way to change the text color of all your subtitle clips in one operation.
Just make sure you make them all the same color (I suggest white) from the start.
Then, add a Color Grading filter to the HEAD of the track where all your subtitle clips are.
Since all your text will be white, use the Highlights (Gain) color wheel to edit the color.

Well, it’s not totally true for the size…

You could also add a Size, Position & Rotate filter to the track head…

Thanks I will look into it.

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