Subtitle Displayer (subrip - .srt files)

Some time ago I released a Subrip Generator on my website to enable people to create a subtitle file relatively easily. This can be found here: SubRip SRT Subtitles Generator

I have now created a SubRip Displayer, which is a fairly simple HTML file that displays in a webpage cues from a Subrip (.srt) file according to their timings. This can be found here: Resources for Shotcut

You can us this HTML file as a “browser source” in OBS Studio, which then enables you to record the subtitles to a video file. Another possibility, if you have a version of Shotcut that is 20.07.11 or earlier, which supports the Text:HTML filter, you can use this HTML file as such a filter (selecting the option to “Use Webvfx Framework”).

Don’t forget that many platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo allow you to save the subtitle files along with the videos themselves, so for these platforms you don’t have to “burn in” the subtitles and you can supply various subtitle files in different languages. I use Google Translate and feed the whole subrip file contents into it to produce the translation.