Subtitle disappears with pictures

Hey yall, so right now I have my subtitles to cover my whole video track, everything is good, except I created another track (in between the subtitle track and video track, if that matters) and when I go to the new track to add a picture my audio stays in but my subtitles disappear until the picture goes away. Is there any way to put my subtitle track on top of everything? Or will I have to add text onto the picture to make up for it?

Note: also added black background for the added picture(s)

Top most track is what will be seen.

Windows 10 Home
Shotcut 20.11.28

Yes I have my text on top of everything but it still happens, can it be because it says transparency on it?

It’s a bug, addressed here:

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I just changed the label of the Transparent clip to “text”.
Before I changed it is said “Color”.
Windows 10 Home
Shotcut 20.11.28

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