Substituting digitally recorded audio for video camera audio

I want to substitute audio recorded on my Zoom H2 digital recorder for the audio on my video camera. I can’t find any tutorials on this subject and I’ve looked in lots of places. I use a handclap for synchronisation. Once I’ve lined up the new audio with the video, how do I ensure it stays there? What are the open padlocks at the LH end of the Timeline for?

This might be of interest to you:

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That means the tracks are unlocked and if you click it, it changes to locked. A locked track cannot modified including the clips on the track.

Thank you. Is it advisable to do this before exporting?

Thank you very much. I’ll have a go at doing this. I’ve just downloaded v. 22.12.21 from Microsoft, and paid for it, so I know I have Align to Reference Track facility.

Where would I make the suggestion that the Shotcut Tutorial videos begin more basically and more simply, covering one operation at a time. To start with I would like one that shows how to import a video, trim the ends of it and delete any unwanted bits, add a title at the beginning, and save and export it. That’s enough to go on with.

Then the next one could, say, show how to combine two videos and illustrate a transition. And so on.

The tutorials I’ve seen try to cram in too many options and cover too many actions, and that makes them impossible to make use of without making copious notes on paper while viewing. That is so time-consuming and inefficient, as well as being confusing. Why aren’t there a series of short, simple tutorials? I’d love it if there were.

(And, BTW, the use of ‘deers’ as plural for ‘deer’ in the first tutorial should never have happened. Doesn’t anyone check these things?)

There are no “Official” tutorials for Shotcut. The application itself has 2 main developers, Dan and Brian, and their time, given freely, is used developing and maintaining this fantastic piece of software.

Various users of shotcut have created tutorials, myself included, and not all of them have English as their first language. So you can’t expect flawless pronunciation and grammar. Some like James Woo try to cover both the basics and the more complicated features in a course, while others, like me choose a single more complicated topic and try to explain it in a tutorial e.g.

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Thank you. I wasn’t criticising. I think you’re all doing a wonderful job. My experience is that there can always be improvements in anything, so that users, for instance, get the maximum benefit possible. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Also, I’ve found that there are many Shotcut tutorials on Youtube. I hadn’t realised. Some of them just deal with one thing, and they have been really helpful in answering my question. Users are offering a great service in this way. I’m thrilled. :slight_smile:

My own short Shotcut tutorials can be found here:

@MusicalBox 's are here:

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