Sub-windows change position after minimise then restore main window in Shotcut 24.02.09

Windows 11 running Shotcut 24.02.29

I run Shotcut accross 3 screens with the main editor window in the center and various “sub-windows”, for example Export, Jobs etc., open as seperate windows on the other screens.
When I minimise Shotcut and later restore the application, the windows on the other screens all move out towards the far edges of screen, moving about 1/2 the screen width off the screen in question each time I do a minimise then restore.
If I drag the sub-windows to the main screen then they keep their positions on minimise then restore, the problem only occures when the sub-windows are sitting on non-primary screens.

Its very annoying, right now I have saved a window layout I like and I can use shotcuts choose layout feature to get them all back in place. Obviously it would be great if it could be fixed, but otherwise being able to assign keyboard shortcuts to user defined window layouts, would make for an ok quick fix.

Hi @HotBlack

You already can.

  • Save a new Layout
  • Shutdown & re-launch Shotcut
  • Go to Help > Actions and Shortcuts
  • Search for Layout
  • Find your new layout in the list
  • Assign a shortcut to that layout
  • Close the Actions and Shortcuts window.

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Wow thanks, that helps a lot.

But obviously fixing the bug would be best.

BTW: the previous version did not move the windows on restore.


I seem to have the same issue where popped out Shotcut windows (e.g. Keyframes on a second screen) now move and resize when closing and restarting Shotcut, before they reopened at the correct location. It seems to happen as described with minimizing/restoring as well, although I didn’t notice that at first since I never really do that. Also the window seems to move in a different fashion between minimizing/restoring (it stops at a certain position after several restores) and closing/restarting (it just keeps moving top left until it’s offscreen after several restarts).

Also thanks for the suggestion with the custom layouts and hotkeys.

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