Sub-clip does not have audio

for some reason when i extract a sub-clip specifically shotcut can not recognise the audio…
i have tried a lot of different things but the audio can only be recognised by a video player but not by a video editing software. for some reason shotcut does not play any audio while the video does play audio in the video player on windows. this also happened on blender video editor which i used for motion tracking. can i resolve this somehow or is this a bug or is there some other way except for having to delete all the other stuff in the video file to extract the video

This is a situation of “your mileage may vary.” Extracting sub-clip frequently does not work well due to how it works at the file structure level and the file’s format and compression. For example, I just made a quick test, and it worked for me on the file I tested. I am sure I can find another clip where it fails, but it is impossible to make it always work or very difficult to predict if it will. Basically, if it does not work you need to use export instead. Or, if you find another tool that does this same job, and it uses ffmpeg and works but not Shotcut, then you can dig up the command line, and maybe it work depending on ffmpeg versions.

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