Stuttering Drone video after editing

Hello fellows,

im from germany so excuse my english. Here my question:
If i watch the recorded videos of my Fimi x8 drone its all superb. The VLC Player is saying it has got 3840x2160 Resoulution and 29,795540 fps (strange number???). Now i want to render it with some color tweaks in Shotcut.
But even if i just render a scene of the video, without any tweaks, the rendered video stutters every 3 sek or so. I tried different h264 codecs and all with different fps values like:
29 fps,
29,795540 fps, (what VLC player says)
30 fps,
29,97 fps
29,970030 fps (Shotcut said use this value after i put in 29,97)

The stuttering is the same in the preview Timeline screen while i work with the video in Shotcut.
I dont know what else to try.
Thank you

Here is a pic of the Shotcut values i used last and the original file values shown in VLC

Here is a video of the stuttering i want to get rid of

My Specs
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Geforce GTX 1070
16gb ram
Windows 10 64bit

A non standard, reported framerate of 29,795540 suggests that the original file had a variable frame rate (VFR)

Did you get a dialog popup suggesting “convert to edit friendly” when you first imported the clip ?

Never heared of this VFR before but it was something that i had on my mind but didnt knew that it exists. So if I import the clip there is no message like “convert to edit friendly”. Is there any solution how to handle a clip with a variable frame rate??? In the software of the Fimi Drone I can only choose lower framerates like 3840 x 2160 at 25/24fps or lower resolutions with higher framerates 2560 x 1440 60/50/30/25/24fps. But if i could i would stay with the 4k 30fps.

What is the Video Mode set at? (On the Timeline, click Output, then click on Properties).

When you click on your drone footage clip, then Properties, what does it show?

The issue might be that your Video Mode doesn’t match your clip frame rate.

This is an example of a VFR in Shotcut.

When open a clip in Shotcut, it may prompt you with this window. Which people can click cancel and the clip will still load in Shotcut. Converting the file actually creates a Shotcut friendly version of your current clip. Your original clip is not changed in any way.

You can still get to Edit Friendly by doing this:

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