Stuttering audio with short clips

I have a sequence of clips which range from 0.12 to 0.03 secs but there is a section where there are a number of clips of just 0.01 secs and it is here that the audio stutters. Does anyone know why this should be? Many thanks. I have a Mac that is running Sierra 10.12.6 Shotcut 20.02.17

Stutter in Shotcut preview is commonplace. There is no way to eliminate that 100% with the potential heaviness of video processing required. Otherwise, without much video processing (there is likely always some hidden processing), when playback goes to the next clip, it might need to be reopened because not all clips in the project are held open to prevent exhausting resources (memory, file handles). There is buffering to mitigate that, but it may be defeated by the cost of reopen. Did you export and experience stutters when played in your media player? If so, see this thread:

Thanks for your reply. No I haven’t tried exporting it as the project is far from finished. It worked well until I added the audio (5 minutes at 44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo wav file) could it be that this is too much for processing? What if I replaced it with a mono mp3 file?
By the way I replaced my old version of Shotcut to 20.04.12

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