Stuttering Audio on exported media

This is my second project in Shotcut, to which the videos have both encoded perfectly but the audio on this second project keeps stuttering in the same places no matter which codec or export settings i use.
Playback is perfect inside shotcut, issues only occur when exported. I have tried on two different machines, and attached is a clip which only includes a few seconds of a source exported from pip to pin.
If you have any suggestions on how i can export this without a t stutter it would save me having to re cut the audio in other software.

Thank you.

audio (716.5 KB)

What is your Shotcut version?

Please share a screenshot of the properties for the source file? Particularly, be sure to show the framerate.

Have you tried to perform “Convert to edit friendly” on the source clip that has the problem?

Hi, Brian
Thank you for your help.
Im using 21.01.29.
The files where recorded as .aac from a mobile phone and when imported they where converted to .mov via a convert to friendly popup, then dragged from the playlist. so all the audio files where converted on import.
Tried to add image here but can only add one item.

Properties of the converted audio file.

Everything runs and works great inside shotcut, just seems to fall over when exported.
Hope this is the right information, at this point there is no framerate in properties as im working with audio only, the video to go with this audio encodes just fine.

Kind Regards,

I am surprised that it prompts you to convert an audio only file. Does the behavior persists if you use the original .aac file instead of the converted file?

I will try to export with the unconverted file.
Is there a way to hot swap the two files and keep the edits?


You could open the .mlt file in a text editor (like notepad) and change the name of the file in the text. I would strongly recommend saving a backup of the file before doing this.

Hi Brian,
If i cancel the convert to firendly popup and try to drag the source file into the playlist the “add files” loading bar pops up and gets stuck, i think it might be doing a capture? ; because if i open the file in source (which plays back ok), under export i now get a capture option where export file would be.
After a full capture I can pin the audio and export, this export has no stuttering but i assume thats because its essentially a whole new audio file captured from the original source and exported.
out of curiosity I tried using the captured audio as a clip and exporting and this seems ok.
Does this mean the ‘friendly converted’ file is causing the issue? could i reconvert them all into another format and edit the file names as per your above instrucions?

I have just tried changing the ‘Friendly’ file format from the default .mov it suggested to a .mp4 then using as a clip and exporting, this works flawlessly.
I would suggest the issue is converting aac to .mov and then encoding.
could i reconvert them all into mp4 and change the extentions in .MLT?

Good observation. I see that too. This means that Shotcut is not able to seek in the file. This might be something that we can improve in the future. In this case, converting the file is required.

That was my theory. It seems maybe you proved it to be true.

Excellent experiment. I’m glad you thought to try that.

Yes. that is a good conclusion. I wonder if we should convert audio-only files to .wav or something else that is very friendly. Would you be willing to also test the “Best” option and see how WAV/MKV work?

That would probably be a quick way to make the conversion.

This appears to work also.
I retried converting the original .aac to .mov and exporting. This also worked ok. >.<
I reopend the .MLT with audio only project and exported again. Stuttering again.
so it doesnt appear to be the .mov file but rather the project. ill convert to .mp4 and reload the MLT and export to see if anything changes.

I haven’t listend all the way through but this appears to be a winner. Converting all the source .aac to mp4 then editing the MLT and reloading the project and exporting seems to have removed the stuttering.

My assumption now is an issue with .aac to .mov files being edited in the timeline.

Thank you for all your help Brian, I’ll update if i encounter any new Incidents.
If you would like me to try anything else drop me a line.

Thanks Craig,

I try to reproduce your problem with a .aac file that I have lying around. But I am unable to reproduce. There could be something specific about your source file, or a step I am missing.

If you have time available, it would be valuable to summarize the failure mode with the simplest and most concise example possible. Simple steps to reproduce and/or a short example project file can make the problem easy to reproduce and debug.

If you have other, more important things to move on to, I completely understand.

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