Stutter after exported

Hi I’ve been editing 1080p 60fps footage through shotcut. I’m at my wit ends when it comes to exporting.
I’ve tried encoding settings below
60fps quality 70% 3gb ( too large to playback on most computers and tvs)

29.9fps quality 70% 200 GOP 3 Frames. 1gb.
(PLAYS well on my Samsung phone and windows media player but stutters/lags on vlc player and tv.
I can’t seem to win.
Possibly lost a big potential customer because of this stuttering vid.

Any tips would be very welcome because I’m ready for launching my laptop at the wall!

Thank you

Forgot to mention I have lvl 0 encoding/exporting skills

Not an accurate statement…
I regularly edit and play much larger files @60fps and 50fps on my 10 year old PC

Fairly clear that the issue is with the host PC plus the best software chosen for the hardware it’s running on.
VLC might be a popular player, but it certainly isn’t the best. Try POTplayer (for example).
Also, re stutter/lag in VLC - read here.

What are the specs of your computer?
SSD or SATA Harddrive?
Thats the computer i use, but the video play well on it. Its when i try to play it on a tv with a 3.0 usb stick or on other peoples computers that i see this juddering. Is this not a massive file for a 3min mp4 1080p vid?

Should i be using something other than mp4?

No. MP4 is a standard. But I would stick with Shotcut defaults.

Size of file is practically irrelevant as the entire file isn’t played all at once, it’s not a single image it’s a stream of images shown at 30 images per sec (30fps)
Smooth playback is device dependent.

May i ask what settings i should be using for exporting? The original footage is 1080p and 60fps.
If at all possible show me the screen shot.
It needs to play on most pcs and tvs

Shotcut defaults (Stock preset)
H264 Main profile.

“Smooth playback is device dependent

Here’s one of my files exported at a stock setting. (Originally 50fps [PAL country] )
It plays fine on all three of my PCs (ranges from 8, 10 and 12 years old) and TV.

If it stutters on some of your devices, then they don’t have what is needed to playback HD video.

Thanks steve ill give it a try tomorrow and let you know how i get on.