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Windows 10
Shotcut v.

My very first effort on Shotcut is a multi-frame video of band members (see attached screenshot).
For some reason the word “Dave” has appeared, and I can’t get rid of it. The only thing I can think of that might be the source of this unwanted text is a blank video track labelled “Dave”, that I inserted in the timeline fairly early on but subsequently deleted.

Strangely, the frames that I sized and positioned before inserting that unused track appear on top of the unwanted text, but all other frames inserted afterwards are behind the text.

Can anyone please suggest either (1) how I can locate/remove the unwanted “Dave” text, or (b) how I can bring forward the frames that are covered by the text so that it cannot be seen?


Hi @SteveTheMusicMan , a basic principle of Shotcut is that higher tracks in the timeline will show in front of lower ones.
I think you must have a track somewhere which has a text filter applied, or it’s applied to a track header and you don’t realise it… It’s a little hard to say from your screenshot. Could you maybe provide a scrreenshot of the whole of your timeline?

(Just the whole height of it is important for us, especially the left-hand bit (track header), not the entire length, and someone here will probably see the problem). You can make the track height smaller by hovering over the timeline and pressing Shift+mousewheel, provided a) you are on windows and b) you have a recent version of Shotcut. (Always best to upgrade to the latest version. In fact if you are using LOTS of tracks, you could do with version 20.06 because you really need the proxy editing feature to avoid lag…).

Your video looks interesting!!

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Yes, I’ve discovered that the problem was, as you say, a text filter on one of the tracks - which I’ve now removed, and all is well.
Many thanks!

No problem - glad you got it sorted. :heart_eyes:

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