Strange Potplayer behavior

I didn’t post this in a particular category because I don’t think my “problem” is related to Shotcut. But it is an interesting one.

For watching videos and movies on my computer I mainly use PotPlayer. It works better than VLC on my PC when playing x265 videos.

Last week I noticed something odd though.

I made a simple video in Shotcut. It was just 2 clips exported from 2 other Shotcut projects that I needed to put together, with a 2 seconds pause between the clips. Clip 1 is silent and Clip 2 have a music background that starts at the same time as the video.

After exporting the clip, I played it in PotPlayer and the music of clip 2 started to play in the middle of the 2 seconds pause, so about 1 second before it should. I came back a few times to Shotcut to make minor modifications and export again, but always ended up with the same problem.

I then opened the video with VLC and… It played fine ! No sync problem at all. I uploaded the video to YouTube and it was fine there also.

So how can that be ? After it is exported, shouldn’t a video be the same for all compatible players ?

Anyone here use PotPlayer ? And if so, have you ever experience a similar problem ? Can this be related in some way to Shotcut or is it all PotPlayer’s fault ?

I’m not desperately in need of a solution, I’m just curious to know why this happens.
And it could also be useful for other people to know that if you experience audio/video sync problems after exporting a video, try another player before jumping to conclusions :slight_smile:

Shotcut version : 20.07.11 on Windows 10
Export settings : mp4, 1920 x 1080, 60fps
                  Everything else left to default.

How did it play in Shotcut?

It played correctly in Shotcut.
Here’s a capture of the Shotcut project by the way. As simple as can be.

Everything was originally on one track. What you see is the last of a few modifications I did to see if the problem would persist.

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