Strange effects when resizing a video

Hi, I’ve searched this forum and not found a solution to this one yet. Over the UK lockdown I’ve got to grips with Shotcut for editing music videos for our church and most recently have been creating a choir video for Christmas. This is a grid of 18 windows, all filmed on phones in HD, and all appear good quality in their own right. However, when I resize them in Shotcut down to approx 320x200 then I’m starting to get weird effects on some of them. See the guy in the bottom centre on this image:

If I make his video a bit bigger it seems to be fine (e.g. 640x400) and it’s definitely appearing like this in the editor itself so isn’t to do with Export settings, which is what I focussed on first. I’ve played about with filters like contrast, brightness, noise reduction but nothing seems to be resolving it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

What is your version? Version 20.10 introduced a visual quality improvement for the Size, Position & Rotate filter.


Hi, I’m on 20.04.12 (MacOS). Just downloading the latest version to give that a go - thanks for the heads up that this might be improved!


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It looks much better in the editor now. Just exporting it but I’m assuming it’s fixed so I’m happy to close this thread - thanks for the quick resolution!

Also, just to say I’ve been really impressed with how quick Shotcut has been to pick up and how powerful it is - there seems to be a youtube video to cover most of my how to questions! Thanks :smiley:


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