Strange clock in the main window


I have a strange thing happening, a digital clock appears in the top left corner of the main window !

Where does it come from?

Not from Shotcut.

Ensure you have downloaded Shotcut from here: Shotcut - Download

Do you know where it can come from?
Is it a QT library that does that ?

I do not know about any digital clock feature.
You are the first one post an image of a clock there.
On the Shotcut download page, checksums are posted to help with verification that you have a genuine copy of Shotcut.

Judging by the color of the text, the font and its style, it is highly likely that you are currently running msi afterburner, perhaps not even it specifically, but one of its components responsible for displaying the overlay on top of the opengl window. If this software is installed on the system, make sure that it is not in startup, and if you do not use it, remove it.

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Thanks for the quick fix
it was a setting in MSI Afterburner with clock on display,
I switched it off, now it’s gone
thanks a lot

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