Stopwatch icon is missing in keyframe track

The stopwatch icon is missing from the Position / Size track.
I tried closing the Keyframe window then clicked the Stopwatch from the filter window but get same result. And I cannot establish another point in the position size track regardless of where I position the playhead or how many times I click it. (I can gain focus on the Diamond icon.)
What am I doing wrong?

To establish another point, click on the centre button of your object in the preview window.

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The text filter does not have a stopwatch icon in the keyframes panel. There are other filters, such as the Size and Position filter that do not have stopwatch icons as well.

Use @jonray’s method to add keyframes.

Actually it’s @sauron’s method because I got the idea from @sauron in a post some time ago :smiley:

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@jonray @sauron

Thank you.

Thanks @jonray.
I have just learned a very necessary feature for me.

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