Stops between images


On my timeline I have this structure:
jpg (background) mp4 jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg jpg(outro)

jpg (background) and jpg(outro) are around 15KB, other jpgs are from 450KB to 1.80MB. There are no gaps between any of this elements. What happens is that when mp4 finishes there is certain stop when it has to show an image, also sound stops at that point, and this keeps on going until last jpg(outro). So basically there is no smooth transition, just stop for a second (in “movie-image exchange” duration and also in sound), except with jpg - background and outro. Duration of picture is set to 1s, filters such as fade out/in dont help. I assume problem might occur because of image size, however I am not sure.

Any help would be very much appricated,

Render/encode the file to a finished video and play using a media player then come back and tell us if it does the same.
Playback behaviour in Shotcut editor preview [with on-the-fly edits] is only a gauge of your computer’s performance.

Your suggestion worked! Thanks!:slight_smile: