Stop Source viewport to switch to Project viewport, when appending "subclips"

Hello !

Shotcut version 24.02.29, Win 10

When I set In and Out points in the Source viewport and I Append the subclip to the timeline.
The Viewport always switches focus to the Project viewport. Is there a setting to check, that makes it so that the Source viewport doesn’t switch to the Project viewport?

Because I have a lot of subclips to mark, and it gets really tedious to always have to switch back to the Source viewport after every appended subclip. It really breaks the intended workflow so to speak. I’m aware of the P hotkey to switch view, but that is also an extra step, if you just want to bang out a lot of subclips, 3 point editing style.

Is there a setting for this? Am I missing something, a trick to do this smoothly?

By the way, thank you for a great application! Keep up the great work!

Thanks in advance


No, but you can instead add them to the playlist (Shift+A). Then, when a number of sub-clips are done you can drag from playlist to timeline or use in Playlist’s menu button Add Selected to Timeline. This is a workflow that I often use.

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