Stop Rich: Text scroll early

Hey guys,

Having great fun learning ShotCut :slight_smile:

Wondering how to achieve the following with Scroll-Up Rich:Text. At the end of the credit roll, I want the scrolling to stop once the final line of credits reaches center screen.

I couldn’t figure this out… yet

Thanks for any suggestions.

Looks like you are using the Scroll Up preset in the Text: Rich filter.

It’s good enough for most cases, but it uses simple keyframes and like you said, it’ not always obvious when you need to edit them.

I prefer using the regular keyframes method. I feel it gives easier control.

Here’s an example on how to do a scroll up animation with regular keyframes:

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@MusicalBox Hey man, that was great. Thanks a million.

I did start to play with Keyframes earlier tonight, but it’s tough to poke and click without any real documentation (no offense Dan - ShotCut is already a grand piece of work!)

The demonstration of Keyframes already gets me thinking of some other ideas I had and how to possibly integrate them.


You’re welcome @MadDogDean .

Learning how to use keyframes is essential for anyone wanting to do any kind of animation in video editing. Once you start getting the hang of how it works, it becomes a pretty easy thing to do.

There is #docs:docs-english documentation here in the forum. Another approach is to apply the preset and modify the simple keyframe at the end of the clip.

Thanks @shotcut Dan!

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