Stop frame 5 sec

Hello friends;

I want to pause a frame in a clip for 5 seconds. how can I do that ?

Thanks in advance to the helpful friend.

Export that frame to PNG.
Open PNG image, then place it in the timeline.


Yes I know that. You said it before. I wondered if it could alternatively be in the Timeline. That is, without creating a png file.

You could use the Speed: Forward Only filter. (English)

This example will pause the video (Video and Audio) for 5 seconds with the keyframes I have set.

In my other reply, placing a PNG on the top video track will not pause the audio.


Thank you very much. Ok. It was nice.

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One problem I see with the Speed: Forward Only method is that if you use it to freeze a video for 5 seconds, then you loose those 5 seconds at the end of the clip:

If you don’t mind loosing these 5 seconds of footage, then no problem.

After adding 5 seconds to the duration of the video, in the Timeline my clip still has a length of 10 seconds. But the video now needs a 15-second clip. So if you want to recover those missing 5 seconds of video, you need to go to the Properties panel and add Duration to the clip.

  • Select the clip.
  • Go to the Properties panel.
  • Add at least 5 seconds to Duration (see the Note below).
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Go back to the Timeline, grab the end of the clip, and stretch it as much as you can.
  • Play the clip.

Note: I find it is best to add a little more than you need to make sure the clip gets long enough to recover all the footage.
In my example below, when I only add 5 seconds, you’ll see that there are still a few frames missing. So I add an extra second. This makes the clip too long for the video, but those extra frames at the end can be trimmed.

Just go to the point when the clip starts to freezes at the end, and trim the extra frames.

So this is a lot of step when you don’t want to loose those 5 seconds of footage.

Using the Export Frame method is much faster.

  • Open the Recent tab.
  • Move the playhead where you want to start freezing the video
  • Split the clip.
  • Export the frame. It will show in the Recent panel. So no need to go to the folder where the frame was saved.
  • Double-click on the frame in the Recent panel. The frame will be copied to the Source panel.
  • Click the Paste button on the Timeline tool bar to insert the frame in the track.


Yes, that is a big problem (for me with Badminton-Tutorials).
That’s why I continue to use exported frames and hope that a simple pause function will be integrated into Shotcut in the future.

I haven’t tried this too much - I hadn’t noticed this happening. OK, I will take it into consideration, I can add +7 seconds.

Thanks a lot.