Still Photo Transition Glitching

Hey, so I have built my new computer a month ago and have been working on video projects now. It’s great having a much stronger machine and working on my big slideshow projects is a lot easier!

In my first two videos, I noticed some “glitching” between still photos. It doesn’t occur every time but happens a lot. I have many photos in order that have a size/position filter preset applied. When it transitions from one photo to the next, often there is a bit remaining of the old photo for a split second covering areas that would be black bars because of the different proportions of the photos or from the size/position change.

It’s easiest to see for yourself. I have 2 short clips of my videos here -

I loaded this in Shotcut and slowed it to 1/4 speed and I could see that it’s more than the old photo remaining a bit. It seems to flash there, meaning the video had fully and correctly transitioned from one photo to the next, but then parts of the previous photo reappeared for a fraction of a second. It is a disconcerting effect.

This occurred only in the exported output of Shotcut. It did not do this when playing the timeline of my project within Shotcut. I created my project in video mode UHD 2160p 29.97 fps, but I exported to both 3840x2160 and 1920x1080. I see the issue in both exported versions, but it occurs more frequently in the 1920x1080.

Any ideas on this? I’d like to fix whatever this is before I make my next one. I know my Shotcut version isn’t quite the latest. Did anything change that might affect that? Am I doing something wrong with the video mode or exporting? I put this under Bug but I’m not sure.

I appreciate any help!

Shotcut version 19.09.14
Video mode: UHD 2160p 29.97 fps
Export: Youtube (I adjusted the quality %)
Windows 10
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
RAM: 32 GB

You should update to the latest version (v19.12.16) and see if the issue still persists. Download it here.

Try turning off Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing.

This part is a known issue for which there is no solution - only workarounds:

I think there is another workaround @sauron has mentioned besides the one listed.

Great, thanks for the replies. I think I’ll try one thing at a time starting with updating Shotcut and exporting again after each change. I’ll report back.

Also I forgot to mention, though you may see already, I haven’t done anything transitioning between the still photos, no fading or anything. It just goes directly from one to the next.

Updated Shotcut to 19.12.16, exported 1920x1080 version and same result. Next I’ll try a run with the parallel processing box unchecked.

I took a short clip of one of the transitions and slowed to 1/10 speed to show the flash effect. Here’s a gif.

hi @HikingMike, if you want to get your project finished before finding a solution, you could overlap your clips on different tracks instead of placing them next to each other, to see if that works.

Like so:

Hey it looks like that solved it! (unchecking Parallel Processing box)

That was on a 1920x1080 export on one of the two videos. I’ll do my other exports and see if that holds. I did notice it took longer and used 50% CPU instead of 100%.

Yes, 3 more exports and all looks good. Awesome :slight_smile:

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