Still photo lost aspect ratio while using Size Position Rotate on export (only)

Slight bug, probably unequal resolutions:

I created a still photo from ShotCut of a last frame; inserted the image into the timeline (works fine); inserted the image again to zoom with Size Position Rotate with keyframes, in two stages (photo lost normal aspect ration on export - looks fine in editing/timeline; image inserted again without Size Position Rotate (looks fine).

Clip at MicroSoft OneDrive:

Time --------- Description
0:06 - 0:10 - Still image exported from ShotCut, inserted into ShotCut - all good
0:10 - 0:14 - Same image first zoom with Keyframes - loses normal aspect ratio
0:14 - 0:21 - Same image second zoom with Keyframes - loses normal aspect ratio
0:21 - 0:23 - Same image, inserted into timeline - aspect normal

Win10Pro 64-bit 21H2
ShotCut 21.03.21

Video Mode: Automatic (704x480 resolution)
Source video: (704x480 resolution)
Photo exported as 853x480
Photo imported as 853x480
Project Export/Advanced tab shows 704x480
Video exports as 704x480

Again, it only happened in the insertions when using Size Position Rotate with keyframes with export (not during editing).

That is very old, and we are not accepting bug reports on this old version.

Installed latest v22.11.25…

Same result, frame exported the same.
Not a big issue to me at the moment but was passing along the issue that might give new users a bad impression.

(sorry, was hesitant on installing a new version in case it might affect other things)

I found it strange that your frame was not exported at the same size as your original video. I tried to replicate your problem. I used an old episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Video details:


Properties when imported in Shotcut:


The aspect ratio is different from the video dimensions.
Do you also have a difference between resolution and aspect ratio with your video @LouF ?

My first idea was to change the aspect ratio to 720 x 480 in Properties, and then try to export to get a new file with the aspect ratio equal to the dimensions.

But as soon as I changed the aspect ration, I got black bars on top and bottom, and the image gets distorted

Aspect Ratio = 631 x 480

Notice the perfect circle in the video frame.

Aspect Ratio changed to 720 x 480

Black bars and the circle is no longer perfectly round.


With the aspect ration still set at 720 x 480 in properties I tried to compensate by adding a SP&R filter set to Distort
As soon as I switch to Distort, the preview looks perfect. No more black bars and the circle is perfectly round again.

From there I exported using these settings:

No black bars, but the circle is flattened

So I’m stuck there. I don’t have time tonight to experiment further. But I hope someone else can pick it up from here.

Yes, 704x480 with 16:9 for the video.
Image exports (and imports) as 853x480.

This is exactly how its acting - squishing the width. As can be seen in the linked clip, it squishes with left/right black bars (doesn’t use the full width), and then uses full width when the filter is not used.

704x480 aspect ratio is suppose to be 22:15

I’m not near my computer, but i thought of something.
Try this:

  • Start a new project.
  • Go to Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add
  • Give the new Video Mode a name (so it will be saved)
  • Resolution: 704 x 480
  • Aspect Ratio: 853 x 480
  • Frame/sec: same as the video, or anything else you want.

See if you still experience the problem you described in your first post.

EDIT: Now that I slept on it, that last idea doesn’t make a lot of sense… you’ll probably end up with the same file you started with :flushed:

That’s what I was thinking, and it had the same result - but it is now confirmed.

The “squish” seems about right: (853-704)/2 = ~74 pixels per side squished, and is about how it looks.

Not sure why the still image of the frame exports as 853, though. Now thinking…the original video file also has SAR 40:33 & DAR 16:9 (storage aspect ratio and display aspect ratio). That gives 40/33 = 1.2121 and 1.2121 * 704 = 853.33

So then, an 853 coming into a 704 project would look squished - maybe ShotCut is not applying aspect modifiers to images the same as with video (or not possible while considering insurmountable variations.

Next: I went into properties of the picture and tried changing the aspect ratio - couldn’t do it as 1.2:1, so I used 12:10 - the image gets whacked on the vertical scaling and has black bars on the side still

I further tried in the filter Size mode and x:Size:

The best I can do is:
Start at image start point
Set Size Mode to Distort
Set image x-Size to 853 (there will be a zooming factor of 121.1%)
Do zooming and positioning in the image
End at image endpoint with 853/Distort/Position: 0,0 to return to initial state

In editing it will look stretched in the horizontal. The export will have a normal scale. While playing, the transition in/out of the image with the Size, Position, Rotate will have a little jiggle/jump/x-shift, and there will still be left/right black bars. But the image scale looks OK.!AmSfdjk_6El4jgDt2wC8n9QgNCRb?e=iP4Afd