Stereoscopic 3D

I would like to use Shotcut for Stereoscopic 3D editing.
there seems to be stereoscopic support in LibAV and maybe in melt,
but I was not able to find the filters and apply them on the command line.

Inputmaterial is either

  • MVC encoded mts (such as from SonyTD10) seems not to be supported open source
  • Seperate files grouped and synced

I then would like to apply a filter to the output to see the image in anaglyph or SBS
this is what the LibAV filter should be doing.

Can anyone point me into a direction to find out more?
Is there maybe a workaround for doing this?

Is this what you are looking for?

MLT can be built with either FFmpeg or LibAV, but it only supports libavfilter when built with FFmpeg (because they are too different in this area, and no one is volunteering to extend and maintain it). Shotcut is built with FFmpeg.

You can read elsewhere here and within the forum about creating a new filter UI that invokes a MLT filter. You can do that in your existing Shotcut install - no need to setup for development.

Thank you very much. I will give it a try.
you mean, basically Shotcut has the functionality inside.
I need to make the plug-in. That would be great.

I followed the instructions, and I tried to make a minimal filter with just one setting.
The filter is loaded, so I assume the avfilter.stereo3d is found.

I pass two values to and av.out but nothing happens.

The Application Log is showing:

[Error ] [filter avfilter.stereo3d] Unexpected return format

I renamed the 2 files from qml to txt for upload.

I am thankful for any hints.

ui.txt (1.1 KB)
meta.txt (202 Bytes)

Sorry, but it appears the stereo3d filter is not compatible with MLT. There are many filters in libavfilter and growing. MLT simply provides a bridge to integrate these filters as MLT filters; however, sometimes there are incompatibilities. No one has volunteered to periodically audit and test every filter in libavfilter to “blacklist” the incompatible ones. So, I directed you to a dead end. Sorry to waste your time.

Aww. no need to apologize, you must be super busy with other things. Happy at least we know it is incompatible. I was dreaming of an open source 3D editing solution. Thank you for coming back to this topic.
I am not a great programmer, but if there are some directions you can give me I would be very grateful.

You can see here but it is under development.

Does someone have any update on that matter?
Any news regarding stereo3d filter or stereoscopic capabilities?